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Case Results


*(MULTIPLE FELONY RAPE CHARGES)  After trial, the jury found the Defendant not guilty of all charges     


*(HOME INVASION ROBBERY WITH THE USE OF WEAPONS)  After trial, the jury found the Defendant not guilty of all robbery and violence offences.  Defendant found guilty of illegal possession of gun.


*(HOMICIDE, GREAT BODILY INJURY, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) The Homicide charge was dropped at the start of trial.  The jury found the Defendant not guilty of committing great bodily injury.  The jury found the Defendant Guilty of Domestic Violence.


*(SEXUAL MOLESTATION) The jury found that the Defendant was not legally responsible for his act due to the fact that he was “sleep walking” when the event

occurred.  The jury verdict was not Guilty


*(SEXUAL PENETRATION BY FOREIGN OBJECT) A middle aged man was charged with inappropriate sexual contact with a sixteen year old girl.  Negotiations were made to resolve the matter without trial.  An agreement was reached that the Defendant will not have to register as a sex offender and may have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor in the future.


*(DUI, DRIVING WITH A CONCEALED HANDGUN) The Defendant was riding a motorcycle at a high rate of speed and was stopped by the highway patrol.  His alcohol level was 0.19 and he had a concealed weapon on his motorcycle.  The trial ended in a mistrial as the jury could not reach a unanimous determination as to guilt or innocence.


*(DUI) The Defendant was observed by neighbors to be intoxicated and driving recklessly.  The police arrived and arrested him with an alcohol level of 0.21.  Testimony at trial was that after driving the Defendant had consumed a large amount of alcohol in his house before the police arrived.  The Jury found the Defendant not Guilty of all charges.


*(DUI) The Defendant was found by the city police asleep in his vehicle with an open bottle of alcohol that was half empty.  A DUI charge was filed, but latter dismissed by the office of the District Attorney based on insufficient evidence.


*(FELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) Office of the District Attorney filed an Intent Not to Prosecute for Insufficient Evidence


*(FELONY ILLEGAL CULTIVATION OF MARIJUANA) The Defendant was arrested for growing MARIJUANA plants in his yard.  Defendant claimed that he had pain issues, but had never obtained medicinal MARIJUANA card.  After meeting with our office he was advised to obtain the card.  When this card was produced to the District Attorney, the matter was reduced to a simple MARIJUANA possession with a $100.00 fine.

*(JUVENILE CHARGED WITH SEXUAL MOLESTATION) The court determined that the alleged victim was not competent to testify at trail and all charges were dismissed against the juvenile.


*(DUI, HIT AND RUN) The matter was resolved for a civil compromise where the defendant paid for any claimed damage.  The criminal matter was dismissed


*(SEXUAL MOLESTATION) Defendant was charged with molesting his step daughter.  Our investigation determined that the statements of the alleged victim were not credible.  After raising these issues the matter was dismissed prior to trial.

*(MULTIPLE CHARGES OF FELONY ASSAULT WITH FORCE LIKELY TO PRODUCE GREAT BODILY INJURY, GANG ALLEGATIONS) The Prosecution presented significant amounts of alleged evidence to support the charges.  However, at the preliminary hearing the witnesses for the prosecution showed that their testimony was not credible.  Therefore, an agreement was reached that all previous charges would be dismissed and a charge for disturbing the peace with a $100.00 fine would be accepted to conclude the matter.

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